Journey to SQL Server Community Delhi NCR

It’s always a pleasure to interact with the community. I remember, from the first day of my job I was interested in public speaking and wanted to talk to the audience. Ever since, I have been trying to find opportunities to present on the subjects (mostly technical)  in various forums. I started my career as Oracle DBA and I used to present to the application team with the best practices to write the code. It’s something which always has come as a passion for me and without any motivation from my mentors.

When I started my career with Microsoft 7 years back, I got lots of opportunities to present and lead initiatives internally. There were lots of learnings in terms of, how to present – to be an effective speaker. It motivated me to take some courses on presentation skills from my language coaches Nathan, Patricia and Jaicy. Though learning never stops but they really helped me to polish on this subject and I am really thankful to them.

Slowly, I got a chance to record a video on Best practice Analyzer for SQL 2008 R2 and I was so happy to see it getting posted on Microsoft Website.  After that, I got an opportunity to manage GTSC website with Balmukund Lakhani , for the management and publishing. It was a great opportunity to understand about blogging , SEO and power of social media to increase the reach of the blog. We created a FB and LinkedIn group SQLserverfaq also a twitter handle @sqlserverfaqs. We used to share all new posts through these handles to the social media.

Initially , there used to be only text blogs on this website and after I recorded video for BPA , I realized video blogging can be something new for this. Then, we started a new initiative of video blogging where we posted videos of new SQL features along with SQL troubleshooting . It was very well received by the SQL audience.

I even started my own blog site – where I keep posting my experience on SQL server, with the community. It feels great, when people read it and learn something new from this. At times, it even helps me to refer back on few topics when needed.

Then I transitioned to PFE role and  i got an opportunity, to be a speaker in TechEd 2014 which was hosted in Bangalore. With the help of my friends/mentors Arvind Shyamsundar, Amit Banerjee and Sourabh Agarwal , I got into presenting a session on Columnstore Index. It was a big hit in TechEd in terms of participation and response from the audience.

After I established myself in the role, I focused my energy to setup a community for Delhi NCR  with Raju Kumar and Gurwinderjit Singh. 20th December, 2014 was the day when we started this community. It has always been a pleasure and it always give lots of satisfaction when we interact with various DBAs/consultants. There have been lots of efforts, we are putting in to make it even more fruitful and worth the time for our audience. We always pick common technical challenges from the field and then present on those subjects so that, it can help people to move to next levels. Not only -this, we also started to talk about future of market – SQL Azure / SQL on Azure VMs and Big Data which can help to be more innovative on the job.

I am hoping that this passion will continue and I will keep doing more contributions to the SQL community!!

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