Azure Vidyapeeth Day – 8th August , 2015

We are hosting a full day event for our community for Azure education , on 8th August! On this event, we are going to discuss in detail about the most common question for Azure i.e. security. In our general day to day discussion with Infra and DB professionals , we get the biggest question of how to ensure the data safety when we host data out of the premise.

Moreover, We are going to have a Service Engineer from Microsoft IT team, helping us understand how MSIT is leveraging Azure and what kind of challenges they faced while migrating to Azure.  During this event, we are going to touch upon many things which Microsoft Azure can do for us, both for Infra and DB professionals.

Just click on the hyperlinks to see the agenda of the event is –


Please take time to join this event – the registration link is as follows –

Registration link –

Entry will be based on the registration only.


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