Embrace NoSQL technologies as a relational Guy – Graph DB

It’s a fact that NoSQL technologies are growing at a rapid pace. I even heard someone saying NoSQL is old now , NewSQL is the new trend. NewSQL gives performance of NoSQL and follows ACID principals of RDBMS system. Anyways, lets focus on Graph DB for now.

Graph databases are specialized in dealing with relationship data. They specialize in finding the patters and relationships between the certain events or employees of organization or certain operations. It can help to make the application more interactive by suggesting more options based on the previous patterns of browsing or shopping.

Have you noticed:

1. Facebook offers option of suggested friends

2. LinkedIn offering suggested connections or connections from the same organization-that’s the use of Graph Databases.

3. Flipkart/Amazon offering “people also viewed” (Real time recommendations) options help you purchase more products.

4. Master data management where based on the support case, knowledge base article could be suggested for the faster resolution.

5. Dependency analysis of shutting down an IT operation i.e. users which may be impacted if this router is shut down for maintenance. It can help to send the advanced notification to those employees.

Graph DBs are being used for all of the above scenarios. Just check the below picture to see how relationships look like:


Neo4J is one of the best Graph DB companies today. The language used for Neo4J is Cypher. It’s being used largely by the major Tech./healthcare/manufacturing companies.

Please check this video for more details about relationship and properties. It’s series of videos which you could look for to understand more about this subject.


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