Tips to prepare for TOGAF exam

After clearing my exam, I have been getting lots of queries on how to prepare for this exam. I wanted to share my experience with community so that, it can help other folks with their prep. I took this exam in the month of June, 2016. There are multiple options to take this exam:

1. TOGAF foundation
2. TOGAF Certified
3. TOGAF Foundation & Certified combined
4. TOGAF Bridge exam (TOGAF 8 to TOGAF 9 upgrade)

I took the 3 option , TOGAF foundation and Certified combined exam. There are various option to prepare – one is download the book from The Open Group website or the other one is to go for instructor led training. I am not sure if people have cleared the exam without any expert advice or based or just based on their prior experience. However, I have cleared the exam after taking training from Simplilearn. I really liked their trainers, they were experienced professionals and very knowledgeable about this subject.

Training and Self study material:
Especially, Satish Byali – I really liked the way he trained us by sharing real life experiences. Following are the great resources he shared , available outside for free:

1. He shared some demos of the tool like Abacus which is used to create the architecture based on TOGAF standards.
2. Various great examples like E-Pragati an initiative by Andhra Government – they are using TOGAF architecture standards. Some resources worth a look:

3. Some other good resources:

4. Most important one : Posters for each phase – . You need to remember every bit of all these. These posters talk about inputs and outputs of each phase and various deliverables which are must knows for the exam.

Reading from the book is one thing, but if we know what really happens at the ground level e.g. look at the abacus tool , it shares all the artifacts’ created at each phase. If you look at them how they look in reality and how to create them , will help to absorb these concepts well and relate them. You can download the trial version of Abacus to play around for one month.

Taking simulation test and tips from internet search
There are two simulation test for Foundation and certification exam each which you get in Simplilearn website. Moreover, there are 80 bonus questions extra for practice. I had taken those tests 3-4 times each. Moreover, I also did some internet search related to gather more exam tips and here are the ones which really helped:


Must watch Video series –

On the exam day:
Finally, after two months of preparation – the exam day came. The first tip , I will give is be confident and don’t panic. My exam was at 12:30 PM and the test center was 60 KMs away from my home. I had done all the research on how to reach the center , prior to one day of the exam. It helped to avoid un-necessary stress and I reached the exam center by 12:00 PM, as planned. Things were really smooth and I was confident to take the exam.

At the center –
1. Those Guys asked for two ID proofs as per the process so, please carry two. BTW, I wasn’t aware of that.
2. They gave a locker for keeping all my stuffs. Nothing was allowed to be carried inside the test center but just two ID proofs.
3. They do a security test before taking you the test center
4. You are allowed to take the breaks in between provided the clock for the test has to be running. Also, they will do a security check again.

Foundation Test :
  Finally, the time came when I had to click the right options. There is no negative marking therefore you should attempt all the 40 questions. 22 is the passing score for this exam and I scored 31 which was above expectations.

1.  I finished all the questions within 30 minutes and marked all the questions which I was not sure with the answers
2. I reviewed all the questions once again and you must do this. Because , you will find some answers in the next questions sometimes.
3. I reviewed all the marked questions in the second round again.

I finished the test 5 minutes prior to the completion time. I was moved to the certification test straight away:

Certified Test:  As soon as I clicked finished for the foundation exam, I was at the first question of certification exam. You have to go through long paragraphs to understand the scenario and then there will be questions and 4 options to select from.

1. The best tip i got , was to select an answer which is really TOGAFish. You will see the answers talk about deliverables and artifects.
2. This is open book exam, I confirmed the artifacts and deliverables mentioned in the answers were correct or not.
3. The book is really helpful, you can search anything from the content and text of the chapters in the book.
4. If you practice well in the demo tests, you will get an idea of what types of questions you will get and will be really helpful in the exam
5. I’d finished my exam in 1 hour and then for next 30 minutes, I reviewed all the questions till the time was over.

When I clicked finish, I got my result flashed in front of me and it was a success. After clearing the exam, you will get an email from Open Group.. Use the instructions mentioned in the email to retrieve your certificate.

I hope reading these tips will help you and I will again say – don’t panic and just go for it. All the Best!

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