Summary of the learning in the year 2016-2017

It’s been really long since I wrote any post. I wanted to write this post to talk about how the last year has been and how I have been trying to evolve in the data platform technologies. Last year , I got an opportunity to peep outside RDMS world and I found to be a whole new dimension of data. I remember, I attended one of the sessions in Year 2015 which amazed with the power of data. This session was about Data Platform technologies where I saw this:


This is the list of different data platform companies which are working to create products in various categories like Relational/NoSQL/Caching etc. It’s a long list Smile 

I had heard a lot about NoSQL and Big Data but I never got a chance to learn or get into all this. But last year, I decided to learn what it’s all about. I started learning NOSQL and I even wrote a series of posts on the concepts of NOSQL from a DBA perspective. I went in depth of documentStore like MongoDB and DocumentDB and organized an event on NoSQL for the community. My intent has always been to share what’s new in the market and help community evolve as per the latest trend.

For the last almost eleven years of my career, I have immersed myself in technical learning and I wanted to learn about some bit of architecture and planning. I wanted to learn

1. What exactly senior leadership team does
2. How the business planning is done
3. How the business solutions and technical solutions are made to solve a business problem
4. How the architectures are created

In summary, how the entire business functions and what are the various types of profiles involved to solve a business problem. I got an opportunity to do TOGAF certification and I grabbed it whole heartedly. It was a tough challenge to align myself with the business processes to clear this exam. However, it was quite interesting to know the various types of architectures that are created to solve a business problem. It was fabulous experience to learn about TOGAF and getting certification cleared in the first attempt. I wrote a small blog post on this as well.

Later, I moved to Big Data where I thoroughly learnt about Entire Big Data stack on Microsoft Azure Platform i.e. Cortana Analytics Suite. This completely changed my point of view of looking at data and I was blown away with the power of Big Data.


One great advantage of this era of cloud computing is, every technology or product is getting integrated at one single location. For past couple of years, I have been working on SQL Server on Azure and on Premise and It was the perfect time to extend my learning to Big Data on Azure. I learnt about Cortana Analytics Suite and also did some customer projects as well. Moreover, We organized two events for the SQL Server Community in North India region and wrote some posts to share the understanding. 

Another interesting subject Machine Learning , Oh boy! it’s great to understand the power of machine learning and the kind of impact it could bring to the various business problems. Actually, it’s very difficult to master these technologies but understanding where these technologies fit in the solutions is really interesting.  Fortunately, I got opportunities with the customers for POC and Education deliveries. It further helped me to delve deeper in these technologies. To enhance my knowledge further on the big data solutions, I started preparing for 70-475 Designing and Implementing Big Data Analytics Solutions. It covers:

1. Stream Analytics
2.  Azure Data Factory
3. Machine Learning
4. HDInsight
5. Azure Data Lake Store
6. Storm/Spark
7. R

The exam was really tough and had to lots of hands on during preparation. However, cleared it in the first attempt and got lots of learning points further on. I wanted to write this post to share my non-RDBMS learning in the recent past. It may help the data professionals to find a new S curve and learn something new.

I am going to move to a new position in Microsoft however, the passion for writing and community work will still be on.  Soon, there is a plan to have a community meet for SQL on Linux and the new features of SQL Server 2017.

Stay Tuned for more updates!

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