About Me


My Name is Harsh Chawla and I am associated with database field for around 9 years now. I have explored various avenues in the database field starting as Oracle DBA  then Support Engineer for SQL server and now as a PFE for SQL server in Microsoft. It has been wonderful 9 years of my career and I have learnt lots of new things both personally and professionally.

I have always loved to work on Performance and Tuning for most of my tenure. Starting from Tuning SQL queries and analyzing  PSSdiags to Live troubleshooting on the production servers for critical issues and tuning VLDBs.

As this is Azure era and I am slowly moving towards cloud and learn the knack of it. I am loving the concept and I know for a fact, this is going to go a long way. I am really loving the fact, how Microsoft Azure is bringing Data platform stack together. The great power and flexibility it has given people with just a click of button. I am exploring the entire Data platform stack to understand where the world is going with data. I am trying to help the database professionals to choose additional technology based on their interest.

No matter how long this blog will go but I will always be thankful to Bob ward, Balmukund Lakhani and Amit Banerjee for inspiring me to write blogs!

It gives me a great satisfaction with every new post I write for community. I am hoping this passion will continue to grow even more in coming time!

Thanks for all your support so far!

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi there,

    I have just seen you website and need to see if you could help. Im new to SQL. At work we are running a SQL Server 2012 for a client but its constantly sitting at %100 CPU usage and points mainly to SQL Server itself. Could you tell me where to look or what programs i can use within this server to workout where the issue is or is there logs i need to look at

    Kind regards


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