Build Smart Solutions using Big Data Stack on Microsoft Azure Platform – Cortana Analytics Suite(Intro.)

One stream which is really in huge demand today , is Big Data. With Cloud Platforms it’s got even more power and visibility. Earlier, Big Data was being done is silos but ever since Cloud computing has come into rhythm, this technology has gained even more traction in the world of technology. Everything today is getting integrated on Cloud.

As a relational guy, it’s been a great journey to learn this technology. It’s been really easy to grasp things like HDInsight or Azure Data Lake Analytics or even stream analytics for that matter. All these technologies are based on SQL like query language or .net or Powershell etc.. However, it’s a really great integration with open source technologies (Linux / NoSQL) or other languages like Java.

All the posts which I have written so far, have been with the point of view of a relational guy i.e. how as a DBA or Database developer you can pursue these technologies. This time, I am going to write the series for Big Data Stack on Microsoft Azure aka Cortana Analytics Suite.

Anything, that is available in the below diagram – I am going to write a post on that. Moreover, we will deep dive into few technologies like Machine Learning and Azure Data Lake .