List of SQL server readiness links for Self learning!

I have been interacting with DBAs consultants as part of my work for a long time now. I have been getting a common request on SQL learning resources and mostly for a collated list of blogs / learning materials for self-study. I thought of writing this post where I could mention the resources , you can simply add to your browser favorites and refer at leisure. If you are new or enhancing your skills on SQL server, this information will help you grow further.

In this post you will see :

1. List of Microsoft SQL server teams’ Blog websites
2. SQL learning free video library
3. List of SQL fundamental and troubleshooting learning
4. Report SQL server bugs website
5. Sites to download SQL Troubleshooting tools
6. List of Facebook Pages/groups for help and getting latest community events updates

Microsoft Team Blogs:
These blogs are managed by Microsoft teams directly and can be referred for the latest updates and SQL features.

SQL Customer Advisory Team blog –
SQL server CSS SQL server Engineer’s blog –
SQL server PFE blog –
Microsoft GTSC – SQL server troubleshooting blog –
Microsoft SQL server Team Blog –

SQL Video Libraries:
You can view/download free videos from these websites for your SQL server learning –

Free videos for SQL learning –
Free Videos from Microsoft Team –
Free Videos from Microsoft GTSC Team –

SQL Learning/troubleshooting blog :
These links can be referred for the SQL fundamental and troubleshooting learning.

SQL fundamentals and features blog –
SQL Skills –
Query Processing and Optimization –
Bart Duncan’s Query Processing and Optimization Blog –
Craig Freedman’s Query Processing and Optimization Blog-
Microsoft SQL server Library –
SQL Authority Blog –
SQL/.net blog –
SQL PTO Blog –
SQL AlwaysON blog –
SQL troubleshooting blog –
SQL & BI blog –
SQL PTO blog –
SQL AlwaysON and SQL 2014 learning blog –
SQL learning blog –
SQL /Azure learning  –
SQL troubleshooting blog –
SQL Learning Blog –


Report Bug for SQL server :
If you suspect you have hit a bug with SQL server, you can notify or vote for the bug on this forum –
Microsoft Connect website –

SQL Forums:
If you are stuck on SQL server issues, you can post your questions in these forums to get help –

Microsoft’s SQL server Forum –
Microsoft’s SQL server Forum –
SQL server Central –
SQL Team Blog –

SQL Facebook pages/groups:
If you want to join SQL community events for free in your region, you can join these groups for the further updates. Moreover, you can also put your questions in these groups:

SQL Server Delhi NCR community –
SQLserverFAQ –
SQL Bangalore Group –
SQL Server DBA group –
Mumbai Techie Group –

Troubleshooting tools site:
This can be used to get latest troubleshooting tools.
Sysinternals –
Codeplex –

The list is huge but I have tried to keep as optimal as possible to make this relevant for you. However, I will keep on updating more links for you.


Microsoft Virtual Labs for free!

We hosted a SQL event in Delhi NCR region on 20th December,2014. Our presenter used Microsoft virtual labs to show AlwaysOn Demo and it worked like a charm.

In our busy schedule , it’s sometimes difficult to try lots of new features of SQL server. It takes effort to download, setup and configure SQL server and due to lack of time we tend to miss the opportunity.

But now, Microsoft virtual labs have made our life even simpler. We just need to click on the link : and we can get any available setup within minutes. Please feel to try your hands on any available Microsoft product any number of times.

List of pre-requisites can be found on the same link.