Embrace NoSQL technologies as a relational Guy – Document Store

This is the one of the most famous NoSQL technologies today. In Document Store we don’t store word/PowerPoint/Excel Spreadsheets but majorly JSON documents.

I am sure you have heard about XML (Extensible Markup Language) documents, it’s simply used as intermediate data when we want to communicate with various devices/applications.e.g. if .net based application wants to communicate with Java based application or even C language based device – they can send XML documents to share the data across each other. JSON(JavaScript Object Notation) is based on similar concept but it’s more optimized and easier to use hence largely accepted as a standard of communication.




The reason why JSON has become so popular , with websites like Flipkart,Amazon or even gaming companies or cross device communication, is the ease to use and high performance while working with application of large scale.

Let’s take an example of an application which stores data from a sensing device. It hits thousands of time within seconds and moreover, the data transmission is in the form of JSON. If the data is stored in the RDBMS system,with every hit the JSON will have to converted to a plain data and inserted into the table. If it’s to be done thousands of time per second , there will definitely be an overhead. There will be an issue with the scalability of this system. How about saving the data in Document Store in the form of JSON itself and then if required just query to fetch the results.

Another example is, the shopping websites or blogging websites or even online book library where we don’t want to be schema bound and there is no need to maintain relationships between data, Document Store DBs play a vital role. The release cycle of the application becomes shorter due to schema free architecture and lesser need to perform database impact analysis.

Just for information, If you have heard about Polyglot persistence based applications e.g. shopping websites / Online Libraries or event video libraries , these kinds of services use multiple database systems e.g. for product displays they use JSON (Document store) , for transactions they may use RDBMS , for relationship data they may use graph DB etc. . We have lots of flexibility these days to leverage various DB systems to cater to different needs.

DocumentDB, MongoDB , CouchDB , RavenDB are key players in the market for Document Store. DocumentDB  and Mongolabs (MongoDB on Azure) are two managed services that can be hosted in Azure PaaS platform. However, MongoDB , CouchDB and RavenDB can be installed on bare metal machines.


For a free Demo of DocumentDB, check this URL – http://www.documentdb.com/sql/demo#


We will discuss about DocumentDB in detail in the future posts. First, I will try to finish the introduction and use of all NoSQL databases types.