Rebuild SQL performance counters

Issue description
On SQL server 2005, while installing the SQL updates there was a failure. When the logs at location: C:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL Server90Setup BootstrapLOG and found the errors:

12/12/2011 09:28:31.734 Registry: Opened registry key “SoftwarePoliciesMicrosoftWindowsInstaller”

12/12/2011 09:28:31.734 Registry: Cannot read registry key value “Debug”, error 0

12/12/2011 09:28:43.777 MSP Error: 29528  The setup has encountered an unexpected error while Installing performance counters. The error is: The specified driver is invalid.

Action Plan

1. Change the path to the BINN directory of the SQL Server instance you desire to correct.   (Ex: C:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL  ServerMSSQL10.SQL2008MSSQLBinn)

2.  Unload the counters:

For a default instance of SQL Server run this command:


For a named instance of SQL server (e.g. called namedInstance) run this command:

unlodctr MSSQL$namedInstance

3. Check the .ini files by running a command on command prompt: – dir *.ini

Execute lodctr <<perf-sql* matching the counters you desire to load>>

         e.g.  perf-MSSQL$SQL2008sqlctr.ini for sql instance.

         Command will be lodctr  /T  perf-MSSQL$SQL2008sqlctr.ini . Once it’s executed successfully please follow the next step.

       4. Restart the machine

5. For SQL server 2008 on windows 2008 – will need to follow the same steps except need to restart the machine.
In this scenario, you restart  the remote registry service and the issue will be resolved